Condominium Administration


J&F CONDOMINIOS, Lda, is a company dedicated exclusively to Condominium Administration and related services, having started its activity in 2008.

We highlight, however, the fact its legal representative having started to acquire experience in 1982 and later, in 1994, has publically assumed himself as a professional and pioneer, in Portimão.

With some difficulties overcome, whether for private reasons, or lack of activity ruling (that still happens today!!!), that representative returned again to activity, after a period of interruption.

It is therefore true, that J&F CONDOMINIOS, Lda. - through its legal advisor and representative - now identifies a nineteen year professional experience. And for that reason, it exhibits a work team with adequate professional training, which, subsequently, gives it a good management and a notorious and dynamic posture.

Your condomininium deserves a loyal and experienced administration.

We prioritize security and property value!

And our work motto is:
With the same respect that we deserve, the best service we offer.

Portuguese Association of Condominium Management and Administration Companies

Member of the Portuguese Association of Condominium Management and Administration Companies.